Major Upgrade for 19-Year-Old Martian Water-Spotter

Major Upgrade for 19-Year-Old Martian Water-Spotter

Artist’s impression of Mars Express. The background is based on an actual image of Mars taken by the spacecraft’s high resolution stereo camera. Credit: Spacecraft image: ESA / ATG medialab; March: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO The MARSIS instrument on the European Space Agency’s NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, … Read more

Mysterious Star Survives a Thermonuclear Supernova Explosion

The Hubble Space Telescope captured this dramatic spiral galaxy, cataloged as NGC 1309. Credit: NASA, ESA, The Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI / AURA) and A. Riess (STScI) A Tenacious Star Validates a Revised Model of Supernovae A supernova is the cataclysmic explosion of a star. Thermonuclear supernovae, in particular, signal the complete destruction of a … Read more

Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Food in Complete Darkness

Plants are growing in complete darkness in an acetate medium that replaces biological photosynthesis. Credit: Marcus Harland-Dunaway / UCR Artificial photosynthesis is being developed by researchers to help make food production more energy-efficient on Earth, and maybe one day on NASA‘s Deep Space Food Challenge where it was a Phase I winner. The Deep Space … Read more

Celestron Advanced VX 8 Edge HD telescope full review

The Celestron Advanced VX 8-inch EdgeHD is a versatile telescope system for intermediate to advanced amateur astronomers, but still small and lightweight enough to transport easily for observing out in the country. The 8-inch aperture is enough to view and photograph all types of celestial objects, and the computerized equatorial mount makes it easy to … Read more

Amtrak train derailment survivor details crash, journey back

On a spring evening in 2015, Geralyn Ritter sprinted through Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to catch her New York-bound train. The next thing she knew, she was hooked up to a ventilator at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, fighting for her life. “I remember a flash of realization that we were tipping over, and I remember … Read more