Cold War warning sirens are sounding across France. Here’s why

Paris (CNN) – It’s a typical Wednesday lunchtime in Paris, the streets buzzing with tourists, terraces packed with tables, when the wail of an air raid siren fills the air. Its groan tears across the city for nearly two minutes, reaching a crescendo above the midday traffic before dying away. It’s a strange occurrence. But … Read more

Tourists are back in Iceland. But so is whale hunting

Reykjavik, Iceland (CNN) – After a four-year hiatus, Iceland’s last remaining whaling company, Hvalur hf., Will resume its hunt this summer, much to the chagrin of tourism officials. As the Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on Iceland’s tourism industry, backlash over whaling is the last thing many tourism officials want. “It is actually well … Read more

Summer air travel: Better your odds of reaching your destination

Editor’s Note – Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get news about destinations opening and closing, inspiration for future adventures, plus the latest in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. (CNN) – The last thing any traveler needs after the past two years is more chaos … Read more

10 million of Ireland’s citizens left. Here’s why you should visit

(CNN) – With St. Patrick’s Day a global phenomenon and Irish pubs found everywhere from Peru to Lanzarote, it can be easy to think you have a sense of Ireland without visiting, especially if you’re one of the 70 million people worldwide who can claim Irish heritage. However, to get a true feel for the … Read more

Airport chaos: European travel runs into pandemic cutbacks

LONDON (AP) – The airport lines are long, and lost luggage is piling up. It’s going to be a chaotic summer for travelers in Europe. Liz Morgan arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport 4 1/2 hours before her flight to Athens, finding the line for security snaking out of the terminal and into a big tent … Read more

Abu Dhabi Fossil Dunes: A frozen landscape created by climate change

Editor’s Note – This CNN Travel series is, or was, sponsored by the country it highlights. CNN retains full editorial control over subject matter, reporting and frequency of the articles and videos within the sponsorship, in compliance with our policy. Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi (CNN) – Drive an hour or so southeast out of the … Read more

UK rail strike strands commuters, pits workers against govt

LONDON (AP) – Tens of thousands of railway workers walked off the job in Britain on Tuesday, bringing the train network to a crawl in the country’s biggest transit strike for three decades – and a potential precursor to a summer of labor discontent. About 40,000 cleaners, signalers, maintenance workers and station staff held a … Read more

How much for gas? Around the world, pain is felt at the pump

COLOGNE, Germany (AP) – At a gas station near the Cologne, Germany, airport, Bernd Mueller watches the digits quickly climb on the pump: 22 euros ($ 23), 23 euros, 24 euros. The numbers showing how much gasoline he’s getting rise, too. But much more slowly. Painfully slowly. “I’m getting rid of my car this October, … Read more

What sitting in economy on Qantas’ 20-hour flights will be like

Editor’s Note – Monthly Ticket is a CNN Travel series that spotlights some of the most fascinating topics in the travel world. In June, we’re taking to the skies for a look at the latest developments in plane interiors, including the people working to change the way we fly. (CNN) – The world’s longest flight: … Read more

Summer solstice 2022: Sensual traditions on the longest day of the year

(CNN) – Do you feel a stirring in your heart? Maybe a jump in your libido? Heck, are you just getting plain ol ‘hot and bothered? The summer solstice for 2022 is arriving. The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere kicks off the official calendar start of summer and with it comes … Read more